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Perio Protect is a dental appliance, similar to a night guard or sports guard, offered by Fine Dental. Some patients with gum disease can forgo expensive periodontal procedures and receive treatment with the non-surgical Perio Protect method instead. The appliance helps the patient maintain gum tissue and works to effectively control periodontal disease.

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Dr. Fine: So, Perio Protect is a very interesting, it's actually an appliance, and what it is, it's similar to a night guard, if you can imagine or a sports guard. It's an FDA approved device and it really helps maintain the gum tissue in ways that I find incredible. We're able to really combat and control periodontal disease using this, along with, of course, regular dental cleanings many times scaling and things like that. But non-surgically able to control and maintain people's periodontal health in many cases where they thought it was a lost cause. A dozen years ago or so there was a seminar and I brought the whole staff, all of them are still here we've just added staff since then and I got very excited because I was able to offer something non-surgical and considerably less expensive and certainly way less painful to help people combat perio disease. Some people are naysayers. That's fine if they want to be naysayers. I say the proof is in the pudding. And you're putting this into the patient's hand. I believe, this goes for myself, my family, my friends and my patients, you have to be your own advocate for your own healthcare. Today's healthcare system is, it's not perfect, let's put it that way. And without being your own advocate, it's a mistake and I want my patients to be their own advocates and be able to put as many things into their own control even within my practice because that's the best we can do for them and we're there to help them. Then we're working for them. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan call 212-768-7422.

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