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Fine Dental New York emphasizes the importance of oral hygiene for patients of the practice. Dr. Fine believes the benefits of a regular dental cleaning for overall, holistic heath cannot be overstated. The three hygienists and dentists at Fine Dental provide instruction so patients can perform their own effective oral hygiene at home.

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Dr. Fine: When I built this office, we made a big statement about oral hygiene. The first four rooms in this side of the saloon-type doors, are the oral hygiene wellness part of the office. I do not know another practice anywhere that has made the commitment to oral hygiene the way we have, certainly not in New York City. The benefits of a regular cleaning holistically are off the charts. We can only do so much here. We have three hygienists Daisy and Karen along with Jilda . Jilda's been working for me pretty close to 25 years at this stage. You know, it's actually brushing and flossing correctly, so we really do oral hygiene instruction, and we feel that is part of the hygienist's job. When I go in, or Dr. Salehezadeh, go in for our exams, we always make sure that they've gotten oral hygiene instruction through the hygienist. We ask the hygienist if they've done it along with the other screenings and things that we do at those exams. Dr. Salehezadeh: Good oral hygiene is the foundation of a healthy mouth, and let's be honest, we do what we need to do for you in the office, but you have the power and you have the tools to do what your mouth needs from you. Brushing and flossing can never be replaced by anything that we do in this office. We help you by teaching you, by showing you, and by doing the parts that you're not able to do at home here in the office. Announcer: For Fine Dental in Midtown Manhattan, call 212-768-7422.

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