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Justin White has been a patient of Dr. Fine's since he was a young teenager, and has had a variety of dental work done, including crowns and dental implants. Mr. White enjoys the close camaraderie among the staff and patients at Fine Dental and calls Dr. Fine "a great dentist and a great person." Mr. White appreciates that Dr. Fine is so accessible to his patients, and believes this is because he cares about them so much.

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Justin: I've been coming to Dr. Fine since I was thirteen years old, and I couldn't imagine myself having another dentist in New York. Just everyone here, it's like a really big family, and I totally get that vibe when I come here. So, I've had the gamut of things done to my teeth by Dr. Fine, everything from implants to crowns to you name it. He's just super thorough. I like my teeth and I want to keep them going, but I also like being here and seeing Dr. Fine and the rest of the staff that's here. They're all super helpful and they educate me on things about the teeth, whether it's cleanings, whether it's cavities, whatever it is, it's an educational process, as well. Dr. Fine is the best. Not only is he a great dentist, but he's a great guy. He's one of my favorite people to see. Anytime I get the chance to see him, it's really, really a pleasure. I've gotten the chance to really familiarize myself and get to know him throughout the years, and I just think he makes himself really accessible like that as well, just cause he cares about his patients so much. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan, call 212-768-7422.

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