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Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to gradually shift teeth into place, and is the easiest way to obtain orthodontic movement. This method is much less painful than traditional metal braces, and almost invisible, so even business professionals can receive treatment and no one need know. Dr. Salehezadeh is certain that Invisalign effectively corrects overcrowding, spaces between teeth and more, because she has been an Invisalign patient herself.

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Dr. Salehezadeh: Invisalign consists of consecutive trays, or aligners, that you wear, that help shift your teeth. You start from a position where you don't like your teeth, and if you want to have them aligned, you wear these clear trays on your teeth for a period of two weeks, until you get to the next stage, where you wear the next set of aligners. Within a prescribed period of time, your teeth get to move from point A to point B. It is definitely the easiest way to have orthodontic movement of your teeth. What's really nice about invisalign is that if the patient is motivated and compliant, and really has the final goal in mind, they can get to the final result in a much less painful way than traditional orthodontics, and let's face it, who really wants to walk around wearing brackets and metal wires on their teeth. With this, you can barely tell that someone has any sort of treatment going on, and it's perfect for a young professional, who is going in and out of meetings and busy conquering the world, because they can do the work with them on, or they have the option of taking them off anytime when needed. These are not your average braces, but these are braces in the sense that they take you from a smile that you may not like, whether it's spacing between your teeth or crowding or teeth that are in the wrong places. Invisalign can get you to this kind of a smile. You may not know this by looking at me, but I am an invisalign patient. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan, call 212-768-7422.

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