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Dr. Fine has been surgically placing dental implants for over 25 years, and has accumulated an impressive record of success for this oral surgery. He implants the artificial, titanium roots into the patient's jaw and then creates tooth restorations to finish the process. Dr. Fine uses his design background and natural ability to visualize in 3D to help him problem solve and find simple, practical solutions for implant patients.

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Dr. Fine: I started surgically placing my own implants in the late 1980s after training. It was before the oral surgeons and before the periodontists were involved in implants, and I'm very proud of that. That was 1992 when those professions got involved, I believe. But dental implants are essentially fake roots that go to the bone, and we hook teeth to them. Our philosophy is to do it as simply as possible, utilizing the patient's own bone without being risky, without hitting the nerve, without going into a sinus, and I feel very blessed, and I think my design background and the way I studied design, and I think either you have 3D vision or you don't have 3D vision. i don't think you can train for that. I feel very blessed that is a gift that I have. I don't have every gift, but I feel artistically, that that is a gift I do have, and we do lots of implant cases, and we keep them reasonable and we try to find the most practical solution possible, and I love the problem solving that goes along with implants and being able to show that we can do it in a simpler way successfully. And at this stage, you know, I have had successful cases for over 25 years, and I feel very, very proud of that. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan, call 212-768-7422.

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