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Dr. Shawn Salehezadeh has worked with Dr. Fine for over five years and loves helping Fine Dental patients look and feel their best. She enjoys practicing the art of dentistry and finds great satisfaction in helping a patient enhance his or her smile with Invisalign and other treatments. She looks forward each day to working with her patients and helping them to have healthier lives and greater confidence.

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Dr. Salehezadeh: I'm Shawn Salehezadeh, one of the dentists that works with Dr. Fine at Fine Dental. I have been with him at this office, not our new office, but overall with him at our office for over 5 years now and I am originally from Iran. By way of Texas, I found myself in New York. I was supposed to be in New York for only 1 year after my schooling was finished. And as most of you might know, New York has a way of keeping you here and I must say I'm a happy New York transplant. I went to dental school, proudly I'm a Long Horn, at the University of Texas Dental branch in Houston, where I had an amazing 4 years of life and education obviously. And then I continued for 1 more year at the University of Pacific in Union City, California for an AGED certificate. I have to say I love the practice. I love helping people look better and feel better and let's be honest, have healthier mouths which leads to healthier bodies. Recently, I've been doing a lot of Invisalign treatment on patients and that has been transforming patients smiles even more and I must say, it makes me feel good knowing that I'm responsible for having done that for them. I really enjoy my job because I don't see it as a job. I wake up most days knowing who's in my schedule and I look forward to the kind of conversation I'm going to have with them because of the relationships that I've built with these patients. And as a side benefit, I get to do my art, I get to do my dentistry and most importantly, I get to give patients some relief with the pain that they walked from or sometimes, if I'm having a really lucky day, I get to even make them look better and enhance their smile. That gives me satisfaction. Narrator: For Fine Dental midtown Manhattan, call 212-768-7422.

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