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In practice for 27 years, Dr. Fine comes from a family of dentists -- and artists. His expertise in dentistry is enhanced by his love for architecture and design, as reflected by the unique, arty decor at Fine Dental's Manhattan office. It is Dr. Fine's goal to create a better, holistic experience for patients when they visit the dentist, which is why his amenities include therapeutic massage by a trained reflexologist.

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Dr. Scott Fine: I been practicing dentistry for 27 years, I'm 3 generations, we're all physicians or dentists in my family, all the men since we came off the boat. I went to dental school at Marquet University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My undergrad I went to Tulane University in New Orleans. And a lot of the New Orleans did stick with me, certainly the music and art and food as it does anybody who spent time in New Orleans. My first love, however, was design and I flirted with architecture and proudly I did build this office and drew up the plans and worked with architects but it all comes from my vision and again the vision was to create a space for the patients. And I'm a sports fan, and a very big music fan and I love people. I love being with people from all different backgrounds, I just find it fascinating and even walking through the streets of the city even after living here, it's 27 years, is literally exactly half of my life, I feel energized. And I do consider myself an artist. An artist can be, you can do anything for a profession when you're an artist. And artist is a very broad term and I consider my whole family artists, my wife and my children. And I think that the patients do, they see that I have many different interests. I like to know little bits about lots and lots of things. And have few things that I feel I have expertise, an expert on and obviously dentistry is obviously at the top of the list 'cause that is what I do for a profession. One of my goals was how to create a better experience for a dental patient. No one want to go to the dentist, or very few people, I know it's scary. But it's a necessary thing for peoples general health. Holistically, taking care of your teeth is among the best things you can possibly do. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan call 212-768-7422.

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