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As a healthcare facility, Fine Dental strives to provide holistic care, and offers patients the benefit of massage treatment by an expert in Chinese Reflexology. Our therapist studied the science of Reflexology for years in Hong Kong, and performs an incredible, therapeutic foot massage. Busy New York patients, who tend to spend time rushing from place to place, can enjoy this relaxing treatment in the chair as their dental work is completed.

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Dr. Fine: Reflexology is a very interesting science and it's not just a simple foot massage. Peter was trained in Hong Kong. When people are trained to do reflexology in Hong Kong, in Taiwan in Thailand, in mainland China, they're not taking a 3, 6-month course at some, you know, massage institute, they're studying for 3, 4 years to do this. They are doctors of their craft. They do apprenticeships, which sometimes residencies almost, to do this and I felt very strongly in building this location of Fine Dental that we are a dental office but when we add something, it's gonna be the real deal. We're not going to call ourselves a spa. There are many spas out there. Just because you have lavender oils in the office doesn't mean you're a spa. We are a healthcare facility and a group and by offering a legitimate, the real deal reflexology and real deal massage by someone who's really educated in this, the benefits that I think the patient is getting holistically are incredible. And this is New York. So, people here are very busy. They're running all over the place, you know getting from point A to point B, you're not just jumping in your car in the parking lot and driving to the store. It's a lot more involved so we felt that if we could build it and make this service available to people as a convenience as much as anything and something that we really do believe in. Everybody would be benefiting from this service. And we are actually surprised how quickly it has taken off because it is something new because my feeling is don't do it if you can't do it right. Narrator: For Fine Dental in midtown Manhattan call 212-768-7422.

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