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Dr. Fine provides in-office bleaching treatment, which whitens teeth through an oxidation process that is safe for gum tissue. This affordable treatment includes custom take-home trays for follow up, or patients can choose to treat with the take home kit alone. Dr. Fine sees increased self-esteem and confidence in patients who achieve whiter teeth, to the extent that a beautiful new smile can sometimes change a patient's life.

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Dr. Fine: You want your information to be out there because we believe deeply in what we do. I never tell someone, 'oh boy, you need your teeth bleached.' Because, who am I to say that they need their teeth bleached? However, many, many people do go through the process. We try to make it very affordable for them. In office bleaching, the blue light bleaching, is a popular terminology. Essentially it's an oxidation process. It's tissue positive, meaning it's good for your gum tissue, done in limited ways. We also do the tray bleaching, where they make custom trays and use a special gel. Even with the in office we also include that. It's wonderful, 90 plus percent people are good candidates. If it makes them feel good, it's healthy, and that's the important thing. The self- esteem you get from that beautiful smile, and the confidence you get when you feel that you're smiling your best, and that your breath is fresh. It's because we are talkers in this office, and I'm certainly not the only one. People are very open and forthright with us. A lot of it is the confidence. They want to feel good. They want to feel comfortable with themselves and fortunately they feel comfortable with us to share a lot of these personal things. A lot of times it's dentistry that really helps them, and really does change their lives. Narrrator: For fine dental in midtown Manhattan call 242-768-7422.

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