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African American woman smiling The dental care professionals at Fine Dental have the technical and artistic skills, experience, and knowledge needed to create extraordinary aesthetic transformations and correct even the most severe cosmetic and structural imperfections. By offering a smile makeover to all qualified patients living in or around Manhattan, New York, our team can better enhance the overall appearance of its patients' smiles and address all of their cosmetic or restorative needs.

About a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover at our Manhattan, New York practice is a treatment plan in which two or more procedures are combined to truly enhance the beauty of a smile. Many patients are unhappy with several elements of their smiles; through a comprehensive smile makeover plan, Dr. Fine and Dr. Salehezadeh can address all of the cosmetic needs and goals of the individual patient, giving him or her a uniquely beautiful, one-of-a-kind smile. A smile makeover can be comprised of any number of treatments, including:

Designing a Treatment Plan That's Right for You

When designing a treatment plan that is right for you, our team takes into account the health of your smile, your cosmetic concerns and objectives, and your overall health. We customize each smile makeover, bearing in mind the common goal to help each patients achieve the smile of his or her dreams in the safest, most efficient and effective way possible. Our team will recommend the most conservative combination of treatments that will allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals while preserving or improving your oral health.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

During your consultation, our dental team will discuss your cosmetic concerns and address any questions that you may have regarding the services that we provide. Additionally, we will ask you questions about your goals for treatment, so we can gain a clearer understanding of your objectives and help you to establish realistic expectations. Following that detailed discussion, our team will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and mouth.

Next, our dental team will collaborate on the creation of an ideal treatment plan for your unique smile. When presenting you with our recommended smile makeover plan, we will educate you on each of its components as well as the alternatives available to you. We want you to make an informed decision regarding your dental care, and believe that you can more adequately do so when we take the time to inform you on the cost, risks, and benefits of each procedure.

Learn More about Smile Makeover Treatment Plans

If you wish to change several aspects of your smile but don't know where to begin or who to trust, we encourage you to contact the smile makeover specialists at Fine Dental in Manhattan, New York. Our highly esteemed dental team in New York truly cares about health health and well-being of our patients and their smiles.

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