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Cosmetic Dentistry Manhattan, New York

Porcelain Veneers

Fine Dental offers a wide range of safe, effective cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to enhance the beauty of your smile and produce natural-looking results. Porcelain veneers are among the most transformative of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that our Manhattan, New York area practice provides. Veneers are thin shells of medical-grade porcelain that are bonded directly to the surfaces of teeth to correct minor structural and aesthetic imperfections. Sometimes used in conjunction with gum reshaping, porcelain veneers can alter the shape, size, length, texture, and color of flawed teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Whiter teeth not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they can also dramatically brighten your facial features. Our dentists offer supervised in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments to patients who are looking to enhance the brilliance of their smiles. All of the treatments are customized to each patient’s unique needs and goals. You can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in a single treatment. If you are interested in teeth whitening, our team will work with you to produce natural-looking, satisfying results.



Your oral health revolves around the integrity of your bite. Dr. Scott Fine and Dr. Shawn Salehezadeh care about improving the aesthetics of your smile, but they are equally focused on your oral and overall health. Invisalign®, an invisible braces system, is just one of the ways patients can straighten their smiles and improve their bites. A straight smile exudes confidence and radiates beauty. Let Fine Dental show you just how easy it is to transform your smile and your oral health in a discreet way. 

Smile Makeover

Our cosmetic dentistry specialists in Manhattan, New York are uniquely talented in customizing and combining procedures into comprehensive smile makeover plans. Each smile makeover is designed to target multiple aspects of a patient’s smile. A smile should look believably natural, function flawlessly, and appear youthful and healthy. Our team has the tools and resources at our state-of-the-art facility to serve your precise needs, whether you wish to make subtle changes or dramatically transform your smile. 

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by our Manhattan, New York dentists to mask minor aesthetic flaws in smiles. The composite dental bonding material can also be used to fill small holes created by cavities. The purpose of installing the malleable agent into a patient’s smile is to correct tiny structural imperfections such as gaps, cracks, and cracks while improving the appearance of the teeth.  The bonding material can be applied to a tooth in a single dental appointment and lasts anywhere from three to ten years, if properly cared for. Contact Fine Dental NY to learn more about how we can help you can reach all of your short-term and long-term cosmetic goals.

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