Jun 03 2015

How Our Periodontist Office Can Help You


PeriodontistAs a periodontist office, we can treat your gum disease.  If you have gum disease, you may wonder how it developed and how you can have it treated. We can explain this process, and we can help you get rid of your gum disease. Periodontitis is an unfortunate and detrimental disease. It can cause your gums to recede, create constant discomfort, and lead to the loss of your teeth. Fortunately, we can prevent this by performing a deep cleaning and treating your gums.

Gum Disease and Factors That Contribute to It

Gum disease professionally referred to as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is a debilitating inflammatory disorder that can be responsible for the tissue breakdown of your dental structure. It affects your teeth and your dental support system, including your gums and eventually your facial bones that support your teeth. Periodontal disease develops when plaque buildup irritates the gums until they become infected, inflamed and begin to bleed.

Many factors contribute to gum disease. Age, diabetes, family genetics, pregnancy, puberty, and medications are a few causes. Gum disease is also caused by obesity, poor nutrition and diet, inefficient oral hygiene, and smoking and tobacco use. All of these factors contribute to the inflammation of your gums as well as the infection below the gum line.  In our periodontist office, we can let you know if you are at an increased risk for developing the condition, even before you show obvious signs of it.

Once gum disease is introduced to your system, it will break down your oral tissues until it is treated. It will not go away on its own. If you do not have your gum disease treated and the plaque removed by our periodontist office, your symptoms will worsen, and you will experience constant swelling and bleeding of your gums.  Your gums may also begin to recede, and your teeth could become dislodged and fall out.

Gum Disease Treatment

Our periodontist office offers several treatments for gum disease, both surgical and non-surgical. Before we take more drastic measures like performing surgery, we will provide you with a scaling and root planing procedure. This process involves the use of specialized tools to reach under your gum line to remove bacteria and tartar (hardened plaque). While we are accessing under your gum line, we will gently remove the bacteria from in and around your teeth roots. In some cases, we will prescribe a medication for you to apply to the area at home in order to continue killing the bacteria that has developed. For most cases, the scaling and root planing will be enough to rid your mouth of periodontitis and reinstate your healthy smile. If your gum disease has been present for an extended period of time or has caused tissue damage, we can provide you with other surgical treatments like gum grafts and dental implants to replace loose or missing teeth.

Our periodontist office will do whatever we can to save your teeth and gums from periodontal disease and to improve your smile. We want to get rid of it as much as you do because we care about your dental well-being. We want your teeth and gums to last you a lifetime and can help to make that possible.



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