May 25 2015

Are You Looking for Mini Dental Implants Near Murray Hill?

Mini-implants near Murray Hill

Mini-dental implants near Murray HillDr. Fine places mini-dental implants near Murray Hill and if you have been looking for an innovative solution to your tooth loss - this is it.  Mini implants have been one of the most revolutionary advances in restorative dentistry in the recent past and Dr. Fine is an industry leader. While mini-dental implants use exactly the same method to become part of the bone as conventional implants, the difference in size is the what distinguishes them. Traditional dental implants measure anywhere from 3.5mm to 6mm in diameter, whereas their mini counterparts measure less than 3.0 mm in diameter and can be placed in areas of the bone that are much narrower.
Approved by the FDA, mini-dental implants are made of the same Titanium alloy as the traditional ones. Mini implants have made dental restoration accessible to millions of people who were previously told they were not good candidates for dental implants because of the lack of bone density in their jaw. Mini implants are, therefore, a very good option for patients who are uncomfortable with removable dentures and want something smaller, lighter, more comfortable and permanent.
Are Mini Implants Expensive?

Because placing mini-dental implants near Murray Hill, involves less drilling of bone, there is less surgery involved, less post-operative discomfort, and less recovery time. This has the added benefit of reducing the cost to the patient. 
Are Mini Implants As Strong as Conventional Ones?

Mini dental implants are either just as strong as conventional ones or may even be slightly stronger. Regular implants are hollow in the center so that the abutments can be attached with a screw, whereas mini implants are solid throughout.
How are Mini Dental Implants Placed?

Placement of the implants is executed quickly and easily in a process that involves local anesthesia or light sedation to help make patients feel more comfortable during their treatment. Using a precise, minimally invasive surgical technique, the mini, titanium fixture is implanted into the jawbone where the missing tooth once was. When placed, the head of the implant protrudes from the gum tissue providing a strong, solid foundation for securing your dentures. It is a procedure that does not involve any sutures, and the recovery time is much shorter than that of full-sized dental implants.
Additional Advantages of Mini-Dental Implants

Some of our patients cannot afford regular implants that tend to be very expensive. Mini dental implants are far more economical and offer a solution to this problem.  They are easier to manufacture than their traditional counterparts because the titanium screw is much smaller in size. This makes them a far less costly option for those individuals looking to replace a missing a tooth, or teeth.
Simultaneously, regular dental implants require several visits to our office,  extensive surgery that may involve expensive bone grafts, and numerous weeks of recovery time. Whereas, placing a minidental implant is relatively simple, and far less invasive. They can often be fitted in one or two visits, which means it is possible that you will leave our dental office with an incredible smile after only one or two appointments, rather than visiting us over the course of several months. 
If you have been told you in the past that you are not a good candidate for traditional dental implants, perhaps because your jaw is not wide or dense enough, or if you simply cannot afford traditional implants, you can now replace missing teeth with affordable permanent ones that look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth did.  For more information, call and schedule your consultation.  Since Dr. Fine has been placing mini-dental implants near Murray Hill for over 25 years, he is an expert that can explain every aspect of the procedure in detail.



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