May 04 2015

How Reflexology is Used in Our Dental Office


ReflexologyDo you want ten minutes of free reflexology?  If so, call our office. You may have heard of it, but do you really know how reflexology is used in dentistry? Reflexology has many misnomers, but in reality, it is a valuable, effective, and safe stress reliever. If you have aversions to dental visits, or you just want to try a new technique to avoid nervousness and tension, reflexology can be very a natural and helpful approach. 

If you suffer from dental phobia, anxiety, or incredible discomfort while visiting the dentist, our reflexology is a treatment you may find beneficial. Suffering from stress and anxiety not only creates a more complicated dental appointment, but it is also bad for your overall health. The process of reflexology can help and we offer it free to new patients ($1/minute, 10 min minimum for existing patients)! Reflexology uses pressure points, blood stimulation, and general foot and hand massaging to send relaxation to connected body organs. Specific reflex points on the foot are connected to parts of the mouth, tongue, and neck through a series of pathways. The holistic approach of reflexology, when applied correctly, creates a relaxed and calm environment for a client. In the dentistry field, reflexology helps our patients to relax and be in a better mental and physical state during their appointment.

In our peaceful and comfortable exam room, our reflexology dental assistant will sit at the base of your feet and talk with you about foot condition to ensure there you don't have any injuries or sores. Our reflexologist then lightly applies pressure to reflex points that correspond to specific areas on the body. In most circumstances, the entire foot is worked, beginning with the toes and working toward the heel. The gentle massaging and prodding techniques will increase blood flow through your body and supply tension release. Some extra time will be spent working on areas we intend to awaken or relax most. The purpose is not to diagnose problems, but to create an overall positive experience for patients during their checkup or procedure. When the reflexology begins, you will immediately begin to relax. Once the reflexology is employed fully, you will be comfortable, happy, and tension free. If you are congested, you may even find that you are experiencing some congestion relief, allowing for easier breathing during your appointment. Dental work is accomplished more quickly and efficiently in the presence of a reflexologist because the patient's focus is on the positive energy they are receiving and not on any potential discomfort.

The Benefits of Reflexology

After your appointment, you may notice less discomfort in teeth and gums that were worked on. You may also feel energized, peaceful, sleepy, balanced, and/or relieved of any subtle ailments. Reflexology may also treat migraines or sharp toothaches that can occur in some patients after dental procedures. The massaging and reflexology techniques are reliable and high-functioning pain management resources. We offer this free service to improve your overall outlook on going to the dentist and to create a more relaxing and pleasant experience.  You won't find this at your average dentist, so call our office and schedule your appointment today.



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