Apr 02 2015

Replace Missing Teeth With Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station

Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station

Same Day Teeth near Grand Central StationIt may sound too good to be true, but Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station can actually help you, right now! If you have experienced tooth loss in the past or need to have some failing teeth removed, Same Day Teeth may be right for you. Simultaneously, if you currently have dentures and desire a more permanent solution, this new technology can immediately replace lost teeth in one day. This is a more convenient product than other similar, but more complicated options. Imagine being able to eat all the things you once could and being able to enjoy a full smile once again. No matter how many teeth need replacing, we can do so efficiently without months of treatments and waiting for dental implants to take. Additionally, you won't have to worry about keeping dentures stationary or not being able to eat the foods you crave any longer. Our solution is revolutionary because it gives you the beautiful appearance of a full set of natural-looking teeth with a durability that is similar to traditional dental implants, only without the prolonged treatment time.     

The Same Day Teeth technology uses a CT scan and computer planning software to create your specialized tooth replacement while you sit in our office chair. The materials we use to make your teeth provide quality, durability, and longevity. They also look incredibly natural. The created teeth will fit your mouth to perfection and can be placed on the second visit. We can also immediately replace any teeth we have to remove so you don't have to wait for your gums to heal before we get started. This new set of teeth will also prevent further resorption of your jaw, keeping your youthful face intact. This solution will be permanent and will create lasting, working teeth.

Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station vs. Traditional Implants

Before Same Day Teeth came about, you would have to spend several appointments over a long period of time at the dentist receiving your implants. Using the traditional method, a titanium post would be implanted under the gums and secured to the jawbone in every spot where you have tooth loss.  Each implant takes time to place so this would often require multiple visits, spaced out in order to limit discomfort.  With our solution, you won't have to spend days in the dentist's chair. Our procedure is a less invasive procedure because only four posts are placed instead of one for every tooth. In some cases, you may need to replace a full arch on your lower or upper teeth. Even in this scenario, only four metal posts will go into your mouth so that the overall procedure and recovery time will be reduced.  Simultaneously, our lasting materials will give you a great new smile that works just like your old teeth did.

More Benefits

One challenge that patients tend to have with implants is that the process is completed in multiple steps, with a wait time in between them.  This leaves people dealing with missing teeth and unsightly holes in their smile.  At times, this can last for months, leaving patients to wear temporary dentures.  However, with Same Day Teeth this is not a problem. With this solution, the metal posts are implanted and new temporary teeth attached in one day.  One week later, you can return to have the permanent teeth attached.  This is incredibly convenient and eliminates any potential for embarrassment.

We guarantee that Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station will help you to feel like you never lost your teeth to begin with. They will boost your confidence and give you a beautiful smile.



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