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Jun 29 2015

The Benefits of Seeing an Invisalign® Dentist This Summer

As an Invisalign® Dentist, we live by the motto that there is no time like today to start straightening your teeth. There is nothing more amazing than a smile, and so we encourage people to start their treatment whenever they can. Summer makes most of our patients think seriously about how to get malocclusion under control. Malocclusion is also known as crooked teeth and is something that affects millions of Americans around the country. As summer comes around we start to smile more, which is unfortunate for people with malocclusion since they tend to be shyer with their smile. 

Jun 03 2015

How Our Periodontist Office Can Help You

As a periodontist office, we can treat your gum disease.  If you have gum disease, you may wonder how it developed and how you can have it treated. We can explain this process, and we can help you get rid of your gum disease. Periodontitis is an unfortunate and detrimental disease. It can cause your gums to recede, create constant discomfort, and lead to the loss of your teeth. Fortunately, we can prevent this by performing a deep cleaning and treating your gums. Gum Disease and Factors That Contribute to It Gum disease professionally referred to as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is a debilitating inflammatory disorder that can be responsible for the tissue breakdown of your dental structure. It affects your teeth and your dental support system, including your gums and eventually your facial bones that support your teeth. Periodontal disease develops when plaque buildup irritates the gums until they become infected, inflamed and begin to bleed. Many fact

May 25 2015

Are You Looking for Mini Dental Implants Near Murray Hill?

Dr. Fine places mini-dental implants near Murray Hill and if you have been looking for an innovative solution to your tooth loss - this is it.  Mini implants have been one of the most revolutionary advances in restorative dentistry in the recent past and Dr. Fine is an industry leader. While mini-dental implants use exactly the same method to become part of the bone as conventional implants, the difference in size is the what distinguishes them. Traditional dental implants measure anywhere from 3.5mm to 6mm in diameter, whereas their mini counterparts measure less than 3.0 mm in diameter and can be placed in areas of the bone that are much narrower.   Approved by the FDA, mini-dental implants are made of the same Titanium alloy as the traditional ones. Mini implants have made dental restoration accessible to millions of people who were previously told they were not good candidates for dental implants because of the lack of bone density in their jaw. Mini implants are,

May 04 2015

How Reflexology is Used in Our Dental Office

Do you want ten minutes of free reflexology?  If so, call our office. You may have heard of it, but do you really know how reflexology is used in dentistry? Reflexology has many misnomers, but in reality, it is a valuable, effective, and safe stress reliever. If you have aversions to dental visits, or you just want to try a new technique to avoid nervousness and tension, reflexology can be very a natural and helpful approach.  If you suffer from dental phobia, anxiety, or incredible discomfort while visiting the dentist, our reflexology is a treatment you may find beneficial. Suffering from stress and anxiety not only creates a more complicated dental appointment, but it is also bad for your overall health. The process of reflexology can help and we offer it free to new patients ($1/minute, 10 min minimum for existing patients)! Reflexology uses pressure points, blood stimulation, and general foot and hand massaging to send relaxation to connected body organs. Specific

Apr 22 2015

Schedule a Bad Breath Treatment With Family in Midtown Manhattan

Have you visited a family dentist in Midtown Manhattan lately? If your breath is starting to smell, this may be an indication that it is time to come in. While most bad breath jokes tend to focus on last night's garlic fries, bad breath can actually be a direct reflection of your health. It can symbolize a physical infection like a fever or the flu or be directly related to the health of your mouth. For example, a tooth infection will emit a strong-smelling foul odor. With this in mind, we encourage our patients to pay attention to how their breath smells and call our office if it smells more than normal or getting progressively worse. This may allow us to detect health issues early and provide treatment before it causes you discomfort. Conditions caused by bad breath Gum disease. This is a common condition that impacts most people at some point in their lifetime. In its earliest of stages, it may cause some irritation but nothing too severe. Instead, you

Apr 02 2015

Replace Missing Teeth With Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station

It may sound too good to be true, but Same Day Teeth near Grand Central Station can actually help you, right now! If you have experienced tooth loss in the past or need to have some failing teeth removed, Same Day Teeth may be right for you. Simultaneously, if you currently have dentures and desire a more permanent solution, this new technology can immediately replace lost teeth in one day. This is a more convenient product than other similar, but more complicated options. Imagine being able to eat all the things you once could and being able to enjoy a full smile once again. No matter how many teeth need replacing, we can do so efficiently without months of treatments and waiting for dental implants to take. Additionally, you won't have to worry about keeping dentures stationary or not being able to eat the foods you crave any longer. Our solution is revolutionary because it gives you the beautiful appearance of a full set of natural-looking teeth with a durability that is simi

Mar 25 2015

An Implant Dentist Can Restore the Health of Your Jawbone

As an implant dentist, we feel that with the improvements in implant dentistry, it is only going to be a matter of time before everyone switches from their current prosthetic devices to this new and improved technology. There is really nothing new about the idea of using a surgical solution to replace lost teeth. Ever since we discovered that humankind hated the idea of losing teeth permanently, we have been searching for solutions to replace them. If you are wondering what it is about implant dentistry that will eventually cause other technology to be replaced, the answer is simple. In the evolution of prosthetic dentistry, implant dentistry has taken the next step. Doing away with things like clasps, brackets, and that messy adhesive process you use to hold your dentures and other devices in place, implants are a one-time solution that borders on permanent. When you factor in the fact that cleaning implants consist of brushing your teeth like you normally would, it becomes eviden

Mar 25 2015

A Restorative Dentist Can Save Your Damaged Tooth

Restorative Dentist - A Restorative Dentist Can Save Your Damaged Tooth

Feb 26 2015

An Invisalign® Dentist and Lab Tech Work Together to Create Aligners

As an Invisalign® dentist, we work closely with the lab techs to ensure that your aligners are created perfectly.

Feb 05 2015

Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Creates Beautiful Smiles

If you want a beautiful smile, visit a cosmetic dentist office to have your teeth examined and a plan created.

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