May 08 2014

Soft Tissue Management - Part 3

Gum disease, dentist, NYC, Manhattan

smiling manLast time, we wrote about how we prevent Periodontal Disease with Perio Protect™.  Today we’re discussing two different types of treatment to combat gum disease after it has begun: Perio Scaling and Arestin™.  Perio Scaling involves two visits to our office during which we treat the area under the gum to eliminate all of the hardened bacteria that has begun to form. Many dentists consider Perio Scaling to be one of the most effective methods of treating gum disease before it becomes severe.
While Perio Scaling is quite effective, there are sometimes deep pockets in your mouth where bacteria can take root. When that happens, we combine the Perio Scaling approach with the use of Arestin™ which is an antibiotic that targets a specific area and is very effective at eliminating bacteria from the hard-to-reach pockets in your mouth where it can build up.  Arestin™ can prevent bleeding gums that may cause bacteria from the mouth to travel to the heart and other organs in the body which can be dangerous. Indeed, this combination of Perio Scaling and Arestin™ has proven to be extremely effective in preventing future gum surgery.
Although Periodontal Disease is difficult to fight, we at Fine Dental work tirelessly and take a multi-pronged approach to detecting, preventing and treating gum disease so you can continue to be healthy, happy, and have that perfect smile. Schedule an appointment with us now by clicking here!

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