Mar 15 2013

Dental Bridges Candidates

New York City, Midtown Manhattan

Dental Bridges CandidatesWhen you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, there are plenty of problems that you'll have to deal with. Some will be predominantly aesthetic in nature while others will be related to overall dental health. Thankfully there are many different options available when it comes to treating these issues related to tooth loss. The team at our Manhattan cosmetic dentistry center would like to look at one possible solution right now: dental bridges.

The Aesthetic Issues of Tooth Loss

First let's cover the problems that tooth loss can cause. The main aesthetic problems has to do with the appearance of tooth gaps. They are never appealing to look at, which is why many people who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth often feel self-conscious about laughing, speaking, or smiling, even around people that they've known well for years. The aesthetic issues alone are why many decide to visit one of our cosmetic dentists in Midtown Manhattan for assistance.

The Dental Health Problems Caused by Tooth Loss

In addition to the aesthetic issues, however, there are many compelling reasons to get denta bridges based on dental health problems caused by missing teeth. Not only do gaps between teeth make it difficult to eat certain foods, but the gaps can also lead to loss of bone and gum density in the area of the missing tooth. Teeth adjacent to the tooth gap can also begin to shift out of place as a result.

About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great option to consider for advanced general dental care and restorative care. They are sets of artificial teeth that bridge the gap between a patient's remaining teeth. The dental bridge is held in place by latching around the patient's remaining tooth structure.

The Best Candidates for Dental Bridges

The best candidates for dental bridges are people who are missing a tooth or a few teeth. They should be in generally good health and have realistic expectations about what dental bridges are able to achieve. Our dentists serving Midtown Manhattan will be able to determine if dental bridges are right for a patient during the consultation process.

Poor Candidates for Dental Bridges

Poor candidates for dental bridges are people who are missing too many teeth in a row or the majority of teeth along an arch (upper row or lower row of teeth). In such cases, dentures will be more ideal since they are designed to replace teeth following substantial tooth loss along an arch -- rather than latching around remaining teeth, dentures will attach to the patient's remaining gum structure and jawbone structure.

Dental Bridges Supported by Dental Implants

Rather than traditional/removable dental bridges, some patients opt for dental bridges that are supported by dental implants. Manhattan dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into a patient's jawbone structure and gum tissue. They provide a very secure hold that is comparable to natural tooth roots.

Learn More About Advanced Dental Care Options

For more information about dental bridges and your many other restorative dentistry options for addressing the problems associated with missing teeth, be sure to contact our Manhattan cosmetic dental care center today. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible decision about your dental health options.

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